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Michael Bruggeman – Newport Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer

Newport Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer

Years of Defense Experience Makes ALL the Difference

Criminal charges can turn a person’s life upside down, especially if, because of fear or inaction are eventually convicted. Penalties for more serious misdemeanors and most felonies can include thousands of dollars in fines and months, years or decades in county jail or state/federal prison. Cynics will argue that most people who are charged with committing a crime are guilty and deserve to be sentenced —until it’s them or their family members being charged. Not only do people make mistakes they regret, countless thousands of individuals are falsely accused every day and the lack of strong legal representation can result in devastating travesties of justice .


Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney, Michael Bruggeman is committed to defending individuals like you for more than 30 years. Within the last sixteen years. As a former government lawyer, Mr. Bruggeman has received superior training and conducted well over 100 trials in his career. Michael has won numerous hearings and trials, including not guilty verdicts in DUI cases, serious felonies, and attempted murder with a firearm. Mr. Bruggeman has practiced nearly all his career in Orange County, and enjoys an excellent reputation amongst lawyers and Judges.

Do You Really need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

The justice system in this country provides us with the benefit of a doubt when accused; an individual is innocent until proven guilty. However, because no system is perfect, it is still essential that you equip yourself with the right defense counsel to ensure that this principle is executed properly in court. If you have been accused or arrested, don’t take chances with the outcome – contact criminal defense attorney Michael Bruggeman for defense representation.

California has the highest number of licensed drivers out of all 50 states, and California Highway Patrol officers are on a constant lookout for offenders. Because methods of evidence collection and arrest contain a degree of uncertainty, wrongful arrests are not uncommon, especially for driving under the influence (DUI) but the penalties for conviction are serious.

Likewise, Southern California sees a large amount of drug activity and because of this, law enforcement has become harsher in its methods of combating illegal activity. Drug charges such as marijuana possession, cultivation and trafficking are not uncommon but are severely punished.

Attorney Bruggeman and his team have successfully fought against these and many other criminal charges in Orange County including:

  • Juvenile Crimes
  • Assault (murder, attempted murder)
  • Sexual offenses
  • Theft & Shoplifting
  • Domestic Violence
  • Probation Violation

The Law Offices of Michael Bruggeman is proud to serve each client as an individual. Because it is a small firm with a great deal of experience, the team works closely with clients, providing one-on-one attention from with their criminal defense attorney. Attorney Bruggeman has welcomes clients from all backgrounds including high-profile executives accused of white collar crimes like extortion and young adults facing charges in juvenile court.

Why contact The Law Office of Michael Bruggeman?

First of all, Mr. Bruggeman experience by far exceeds that of many criminal attorneys in the Orange County area. He is also able, unlike many law firms, to give his clients one-on-one attention that is personalized and that uniquely suits his clients’ cases. Furthermore, his reputation has earned him recognition from both legal peers and past clients because of his skill and dedication.

Contact the firm today for an attorney who will work with you personally and guide you through each step of the legal process.

Mr. Bruggeman treats each of his clients with the utmost respect and is willing to take their calls anytime. To learn what the firm could do for you, call now to schedule a meeting. Turn to Orange County criminal defense lawyer Michael Bruggeman today and begin fighting for your freedom and your reputation!